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Community Service

Rally for the Jimmy Fund

The Center for Pediatric Dental Care & Orthodontics participates annually in fundraising for the Jimmy Fund and wears Red Sox gear to work.

Rally for the Jimmy Fund hugs - Pediatric Dentist serving Brookline and Newton, MA

Rally for the Jimmy Fund group - Pediatric Dentist serving Brookline and Newton, MA

Rosie's Place

Rosie's Place project - Pediatric Dentist serving Brookline and Newton, MASome of the Team members participated January 20th in a volunteer project at Rosie's Place, a sanctuary for poor and homeless women, that offers emergency and long-term assistance for them. We were privileged to help prepare and serve meals for the clients. We thank the great caring staff who made our experience meaningful.

Making Strides against Cancer

Making Strides for CancerEach year in October, our office staff participates in the walk for Making Strides against Cancer. It is an experience where we join together and walk the course to support the fight to eradicate breast cancer. The goals are to help people with breast cancer today and to find a cure to end the disease tomorrow. Over the years, our team is proud to have raised thousands of dollars for this great cause.

Thanksgiving Dinners

thanksgiving donationsDo you know where you'll be having your Thanksgiving dinner? While many of us will be with friends and family for Thanksgiving, others in your communities may not be getting a holiday dinner. Sometimes with the hussle and bussle of our hectic lives, we may not realize that others right around the corner may not be as fortunate. Over the last 25 years, The Center for Pediatric Dental Care and Orthodontics has provided Thanksgiving dinners to hundreds of families. This year we are giving dinners to 16 families, consisting of almost 100 individuals! Our team makes a list and personally shops for a complete dinner for each family. The social workers we work with pick up the dinners and deliver them to the families. We encourage you to take just a little from what you have and share it with those in need. It will not only impact their lives, but will change yours and your family's as well.

thanksgiving donations

Halloween Candy Buy Back

Halloween is a fun time where we as a team dress up, have contests for the kids, and have a fun time. Every year we sponsor a Halloween Candy Buyback, where we give children money for their candy and send candy, toothpaste, and toothbrushes to our dedicated troops overseas. We thank all our patients and the Brookline community for supporting this great effort. Hundreds of our troops have received packages from us too and know we are thinking of them. Thank you to those children and parents who came in after Halloween to bring their goodies in. This year we collected over three hundred pounds of candy to send to our deserving troops.

Halloween 2018 candy buy back

Bringing Healthy Smiles to Armenia's Children

Healthy smiles for ArmeniaEach fall since 2006, Dr. Weiss has participated in a lecture/teaching/mentoring trip to Armenia. He lectures at the International Dental Congress in the capital city of Yerevan and National State Medical University on clinical pediatric dentistry. He also helps treat patients and teach clinical pediatric dentistry at the charitable organization Hand in Hand in Karabaugh in the southern part of the country. Hand in Hand has four dental clinics and two mobile vans servicing an area with severe dental caries. Supervision of the dental team, actual patient care, clinical education, and developing treatment planning procedures are highlighted. Dr. Weiss participates in Brushamania, sponsored by Hand in Hand and the Health Ministry, where all the children in the schools have an assembly, learn oral hygiene basics, and at a specified time brush their teeth. Dr. Weiss meets annually with the Health Minister and the Chairperson of the Health Committee of the Parliament in Karabaugh, Armenia to discuss the dental health issues of the children. There is an extremely high dental caries rate in the country as a whole. The team that Dr. Weiss belongs to has a continuing relationship with the government. Over the years he meets with the President of The National Karabaugh Republic, Armenia to discuss preventive dental options and is working on establishing a pilot preventive program for the country.

Healthy smiles for Armenia Healthy smiles for Armenia

Holidays Gift Giving

Holidays Gift Giving Many of use are blessed with the ability to do things for our children. There are many in our community that cannot afford presents for their children during the holidays. For over 25 years, The Center for Pediatric Dental Care and Orthodontics has teamed up with local social service organizations to make it possible for these children to have gifts. Each year our practice, team members, doctors, and parents of our patients collectively purchase between 100-150 holiday gifts for children in need. It is a heartwarming feeling one gets by giving. We find that you get much more back than you give by donating time and goods to these deserving families. If you are interested in joining us, call our office in mid November when we get the first names and ages of the children.