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Foods That Clean Teeth as You Eat

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There are foods that are bad for teeth, and foods that are good for teeth, but did you know that there are foods that clean your teeth as you eat them? Here are a few foods that clean your teeth as you eat them.



Eating apples can help cleanse and clean teeth, and fight bad breath. The fibrous content of apples cleans teeth by acting as a toothbrush and scrubbing away plaque from teeth, and removing other food debris. The acidity in an apple helps kill off bad bacteria that encourages bad breath. Be sure to leave the skin on the apple, since it is full of the mouth-healthy fiber that helps keep teeth and gums clean.

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Similar to apples, carrots are full of fiber and clean teeth by scrubbing plaque as you eat. Carrots also stimulate saliva production, which naturally cleans teeth. In addition to cleaning teeth, carrots also contain multiple B vitamins, which fight gingivitis!


Leafy Greens

Leafy greens like kale and spinach are high in fiber and low in calories, which makes them awesome vegetables for teeth! Like apples and carrots, the fiber content in leafy greens helps by scrubbing away food debris and plaque while you eat them. But, did you know that kale also contains calcium and B vitamins? Calcium strengthens teeth, and B vitamins help treat and prevent gingivitis, often called gum disease. Try adding some shredded kale or spinach to your child’s sandwich instead of lettuce! Or, make kale wraps with carrots for some powerful tooth-cleaning action!




Cheese doesn’t clean as you eat, but it prevents other foods from hurting your teeth as you eat it, so we thought we should mention it here. Cheese is high in calcium, which promotes strong teeth. But the benefits of cheese don’t end there. It also contains a protein called casein which strengthens tooth enamel and helps to prevent cavities. Cheese also helps prevent acid from destroying tooth enamel. Try adding a couple of slices of cheese to your child’s lunch every day to give them more calcium and casein.

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If you’re concerned about your child’s diet affecting their oral health, or worried that they may have cavities, then visit our office. We will perform a comprehensive oral exam, and determine the best treatment plan for their specific case. We can also offer advice on dietary choices that improve oral health, and how you can help keep your kids away from cavities.

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    Not sure how apples and carrots can “clean your teeth” since they’re full of sugar!


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